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Wastewater Pathogens (1st Ed.) by Gerardi, Zimmerman & Gerardi

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ISBN 9780471206927
Authors Gerardi, Zimmerman and Gerardi
Subject Chemistry
Pages 179
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)
Publication Date 2004-10-08
Format Paperback or softback book

Wastewater Pathogens (1st Ed.)  by Gerardi, Zimmerman & Gerardi

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Item Description

Wastewater Pathogens by Gerardi & Zimmerman.
Published by John Wiley & Sons Inc (US).
Paperback or softback book.
179 pages.
A practical guide to wastewater pathogens

The fourth volume in Wiley's Wastewater Microbiology series, Wastewater Pathogens offers wastewater personnel a practical guide that is free of overly technical jargon. Designed especially for operators, the text provides straight facts on the biology of treatment as well as appropriate protective measures. Coverage includes:
* An overview of relevant history, hazards, and organisms
* Viruses, bacteria, and fungi
* Protozoa and helminthes
* Ectoparasites and rodents
* Aerosols, foam, and sludge
* Disease transmission and the body's defenses
* Removal, inactivation, and destruction of pathogens
* Hygiene measures, protective equipment, and immunizations

Table of contents

<p>PREFACE ix</p> <p><b>PART I OVERVIEW 1</b></p> <p>1. Introduction 3</p> <p>2. History 7</p> <p>3. Hazards 11</p> <p>4. Classification of Organisms 17</p> <p><b>PART II VIRUSES, BACTERIA, AND FUNGI 21</b></p> <p>5. Viruses 23</p> <p>6. Hepatitis Virus Group 31</p> <p>7. HIV 39</p> <p>8. West Nile Virus 45</p> <p>9. Bacteria 53</p> <p>10. Leptospira interrogans 67</p> <p>11. Fungi 69</p> <p><b>PART III PROTOZOANS AND HELMINTHS 73</b></p> <p>12. Introduction to Parasitic Protozoans and Helminths 75</p> <p>13. Protozoans 79</p> <p>14. Helminths 85</p> <p><b>PART IV ECTOPARASITES AND RODENTS 97</b></p> <p>15. Ectoparasites 99</p> <p>16. Rodents and Rodent Control 103</p> <p><b>PART V AEROSOLS, FOAM, AND SLUDGE 111</b></p> <p>17. Aerosols and Foam 113</p> <p>18. Sludge 117</p> <p><b>PART VI DISEASE TRANSMISSION AND THE BODY&rsquo;S DEFENSES 123</b></p> <p>19. Disease Transmission 125</p> <p>20. The Body&rsquo;s Defenses 129</p> <p><b>PART VII REMOVAL, INACTIVATION, AND DESTRUCTION OF PATHOGENS 135</b></p> <p>21. Removal, Inactivation, and Destruction of Pathogens 137</p> <p>22. Disinfection 141</p> <p>23. Coliform Bacteria and Indicator Organisms 145</p> <p><b>PART VIII HYGIENE MEASURES, PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT, AND IMMUNIZATIONS 149</b></p> <p>24. Hygiene Measures and Protective Equipment 151</p> <p>25. Immunizations 159</p> <p>REFERENCES 163</p> <p>ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS 167</p> <p>CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS AND ELEMENTS 169</p> <p>GLOSSARY 171</p> <p>INDEX 177</p>