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If you are a lecturer, course administrator or student and would like your college or university to become a Partner College please email


The advantages of becoming a Partner College are:


For Lecturers:

>> Australia-wide company specialising in academic textbooks

>> Independent advice and assistance to ensure books are in stock for your students when they need them

>> Early feedback on your prescribed books in case there is likely to be any impending “out of stocks” or “edition changes” by the publishers

>> Competitive pricing (*see our lowest price guarantee) to ensure the highest possible take-up for books by students thus improving educational outcomes

>> E-book alternatives; we can provide independent advice on which ebooks work and which don’t before you prescribe the textbook

>> Ensuring you receive your lecturer materials – we are able to provide the documentation necessary to publishers to ensure you receive the accompanying lecturer materials when and how you need them.

>> Textbook reviews – find out what your students thought of the textbook.


For Colleges:

>> Booklist creation and promotion – we take on the administrative chore of updating and distributing booklists to students

>> On-site book sales – Our “Bookstore-in-a-box” can come to your college for the convenience of your lecturers and students – depending upon the size of your college we can be there anytime from one day to a month

>> Reduced costs for students – with our “Partner College Delivery”, ordered books can be sent directly to students at your college, saving time and expense

>> Better pricing – our bulk buying with publishers allows us to pass on savings that individual colleges are unable to access

>> Long-term relationships – work with a company that has been providing this service to colleges and universities for over ten years

>> Course materials can be included in the materials sold to students either on-site or via web, removing another administrative hassle for academic support staff


For students

>> Lower priced ebook alternatives

>> In stock print books available at the start of semester when you need them

>> Free or negligible delivery costs

>> The lowest price guarantee